HappyFeet/Legends Ireland


HappyFeet Soccer is a new and exciting mobile soccer program for children ages 2 to 6!


The Legends Soccer Club focuses intensely on creating brave, creative leaders for life!

A New Fun Fitness Soccer Program for Children throughout Ireland!

Our coaches are passionate about making sure every class is a rewarding and fun experience for every child participating.

HappyFeet is a pioneering  mobile soccer clinic for children aged 3-6 years. Our Unique non-competitive “Story Time with a Soccer Ball” approach is initially coming soon to crèches, Montessori’s, parent & toddler groups and Community Centers throughout Dublin & Wicklow. Our Legends Academy is for 6 to 13 years off age for those too young to join a club or just want to improve or develop creative skills and moves.

HappyFeet classes are designed to combine dynamic activity with the rapidly developing imagination of young children, which guarantees that your child will have guaranteed giggle factor—and the benefits are fantastic! As children acquire physical skills, they build confidence and self-concept that apply to other sports and to life in general


HappyFeet has a unique developmental system with an incredible 20-year history which focuses on fakes and moves, deceptive dribbling, goal scoring and individual brilliance. We believe in holistic development of the children in our program and use soccer as a vehicle for learning life lessons such as leadership, integrity and sportsmanship.


Contact info@happyfeetireland.ie for more information on how to bring this great program to your child's school!